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YHashem(a) Spinner Palil Protection Rings™


Image of YHashem(a) Spinner Palil Protection Rings™

These YHashem/YHashema Palil Protection ring has a palil (prayer) in Hebrew inscribed on et for protection from TMHs & Reverence.
Our Heavenly Amma and Abba YHashem & YHashema not only gave us life but sustain our life & protect us from th seen & unseen forces of Evil.

Th Inscription translates : "Hear O Yisrael, Th Lord Is Our God, Th Lord Is One"

Abba & Amma are calling upon th scattered children of Yisrael to let them know who their Creator's are .

This precious metal will NEVER Tarnish, fade , or change color. Once you purchase this ring, et is yours for Life.

THE SILVER SPINNER RINGS are rings for those who are married. Whether et be to TMHs Elohiym or a Righteous King or Queen.
The Silver spinner ring's are inscribed : "Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi".. Translates in English to, "I am my beloveds, and my beloved is mine".

Bee protected & honor Amma/Abba for life!

13Love .