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YHashema Palil Protection Pendant™

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Image of YHashema Palil Protection Pendant™
  • Image of YHashema Palil Protection Pendant™

This YHashema Palil Protection Pendants has a Hebrew Palil inscribed on et that will protect you from evil beings in th seen & unseen.
This Palil is like stating your status for th record. You proudly & comfortably declare that Has hem is your G-d.
This alone carries th essense of Hashems Love for you & your love for him/her beeing their Loyal Servant.
Th Palil translates to : "Hear O Yisrael, Hashem Is Our God, Hashem Is One".

"Hear O Yisreal" : Yisrealites beeing th thru Moors & light bringer's since th beginning of time. (think 711 in Spain)

"Hashem Is Our God" : Hashem beeing Our Heavenly Father.

"Hashem Is One" : Hashem Is Loving. Love is Ahava. Ahava Is Many Coming Into One. All 12 Tribes Coming Together As One Thru Th Power Of Christ Yeshua Being th 13th.
13Becomes One. Which Is Ahava. Which Is Love. A Tru Moor..Amour, Amoor, A-Moor.

This Pendant carries righteous vibrations.

Protect yah self, declare your religion/ realignment with Christ.