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Did You Know? (All About Copper)

Did you know that the Largest copper mine is located in Chile ? Th second largest bee-ing located in th United States.

Did you know copper is good for healing bodily Maladies and aids in spiritual healing? A few wonders of Copper is that she heals wounds, eases joint and arthritis pains, helps with your blood circulation, clears energetic blockages, helps produce red blood cells, helps th body absorb iron, helps with those suffering from Anemia and conducts energy. Including but not limited to spiritual energy. Copper helps th bones and tendons in their development.Helps th body absorb iron and produces Melanin..

Copper is also a antimicrobial. So et is used on hospital door knobs to keep bacteria and contamination from spreading.

Although copper works many wonders, too much of anything can be dangerous ! Balance is Universal. Whether et is being ingested , worn or placed around th house for ets protective and conductive qualities and usages , be sure to do some research on safe ways to use copper depending on what et is you are using th copper for.